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5 Best Programming Languages For AI Development

by admin

artificial intelligence
25 Feb

Technologies keep evolving constantly. With each advancement, they bring something new for their users. Artificial technology (AI) is one such technology. It focuses on making computers smart enough to work and think like humans. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence are numerous. With use of AI, enterprises can achieve great success. It has brought a high level of smart technology to many industries, and it is growing.


Here are some statistics to show how famous AI is now or could be in near future.

AI- Statistics

  • By 2025, the market for AI will increase by $190 billion (Source).
  • A report by Forrester states cognitive technologies like robots, AI applications, and machine learning will develop 9% of new jobs in the U.S by 2025 (source).
  • The below images will show a clear picture of how Artificial Intelligence is gaining fame.

AI- Statistics

AI applications in gaming, health science and so on are in great demand. They make apps smarter, exciting and helpful. But AI development too requires a language just like any other app development. The developer of AI has a variety of programming languages to choose from. Still, no single programming language can be entirely relied for Artificial Intelligence programming. Selecting programming languages depends on the AI app’s features, functionalities and much more.

Still, we can help you by talking about the five best programming language for AI. Most developers globally prefer these languages, and they are easy to learn and use.

Artificial Intelligence Programming Languages

There are five main languages that are used for AI development. They are Java, Python, C++, Lisp and Prolog. These programming languages for AI are capable of handling various need/requirement of a project. The ultimate choice regarding the language rests on the developer, product’s features and functionality, and what benefits of artificial intelligence they want in the app.

Let’s take a look at the languages:


Python is the best Artificial Intelligence programming language. It is the favorite language due to its syntax simplicity and versatility. For machine learning, Python is a better alternative than C++ and Java as it is less complex.

It is best suited for AI development because:

  • It is portable; you can use it on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and UNIX.
  • It is an interactive, modular, dynamic and high-level language which makes it a fan-favorite.
  • Python is Multi-paradigm programming. It supports object-oriented, procedural and functional programming styles.
  • It has a simple function library and ideal structure.


• Python has an extensive range of library and tools.
• You can test algorithm without implementing it
• Python increases productivity of the programmer as it supports object-oriented design.
• Python development process is quicker than Java or C++.


  • Developers who are familiar with Python and love it find it difficult to adjust to other programming languages for AI.
  • Python uses a translator which can make compilation slower in AI development.
  • If you are using Python for mobile AI apps, then it is a waste of time. It is because of its weak mobile computing language.

2. C++

Since, C++ is the fastest computer language; its speed is best suited for time-sensitive AI programming. C++ executes commands fast and has less response time. You can apply this to the development of search engines and video games.

It is great for AI because:

  • It allows extensive algorithm use and is efficient when it comes to using statistical AI techniques.
  • It allows re-use of codes/programs due to inheritance and data hiding. It saves time and money.
  • Another important factor is that C++ supports re-use of programs in development due to inheritance and data-hiding thus efficient in time and cost saving.

C++ is best for AI applications like machine learning and neural network.


  • It is efficient in solving complex AI problems.
  • It has a rich programming tools collection.


  • It can’t handle multitasking
  • C++ follows the bottom-up approach. It makes the language complex. It means new developers will take time to learn it. It would be hard for them to write AI programs.


Another popular Artificial Intelligence programming language is Java. It is a multi-paradigm language following object-oriented principles and WORA. It can run on multiple platforms that can support it without compilation requirement.

Most developers globally use Java for AI and other application development. It is quite easy to learn and has a big community to help you.


  • It is highly portable due to Virtual Machine Technology
  • Easy to use, understand and debug.
  • It eases the developer’s work with its automatic memory manager.


  • Java is slower in execution, especially when compared to C++. Also, its response time is high.
  • If using on older platforms, you would require installing new hardware and software.
  • It is still developing when it comes to AI. So, it’s an immature programming language for AI.

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Another language for AI development is LISP. It’s a computer programming language, and after FORTRAN, it is the second oldest language. It is a strong and dynamic AI programming language. Developers prefer it the most due to the liberty it offers to them.

LISP is great for AI applications because:

  • It is fast to prototype and experiment
  • It has a unique macro system. It aids the exploration and implementation of different intellectual intelligence levels.
  • It is quite efficient in providing a solution to a problem because it adapts easily to the code.
  • It is best suitable for machine learning and inductive logic projects.


  • It is Fast and efficient in coding
  • It has a garbage collector as LISP has its own automatic memory manager
  • It provides maximum use by having full control over systems.


  • Not many developers know how to use LISP
  • Since Lisp is a vintage artificial Intelligence programming language, it requires new software/hardware integration for working.


Prolog is another old language and is apt for use as a programming langue for AI. Similar to Lisp, this computer language primary function is AI development. It is a flexible framework which makes working with it easy and exciting for developers.

Prolog is a rule-based and declarative language containing facts and rules that govern the AI coding language. It supports these features for AI programming:

  • Pattern Matching
  • Tree-Based data structuring and,
  • Automatic backtracking


  • It provides a built-in list that is essential for representing tree-based data structures.
  • It is great for fast AI modules that are released frequently
  • It lets you create a database simultaneously to a running program.


  • It has no standard form. Thus, some features don’t look same after implementing, wasting the efforts of developer.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in different Industries

AI in Medical Science or Healthcare sector

There are a number of AI applications which are of great value to the healthcare sector. In the medical sector AI technology is creating virtual personal health care assistant for research and analytics. Even Healthcare bots are in development and will provide 24*7 customer support. Through these Bots, appointment and scheduling will be easy. Some hospitals have already started using Bots. AI applications for diagnosing illness are also in development.

AI In Hospitality Sector

Artificial Intelligence In Hospitality

AI in Banking and Financial System

AI technology in Banking and Financial system handles endless activities. It includes financial operations, investing money in stocks, property management and so on. With AI development, banks have to rely less on human handling finances which means the probability of human error is less. It has also made banks work and serve consumers quicker.

AI technology in Air Transport

AI technology is quite useful for air transport. A machine that the plane uses for performing different functions uses AI. Most activities and software designed for Air transport uses AI technology to make things run smoothly.
Other than these, AI applications are used in Gaming and heavy industry too. Also, use of AI technology in other fields like media, gadgets and so are in development.


No individual or firm wants to be left behind when it comes to technology. It is ever-evolving, and if you are not alert, you can lose a lot. Artificial Intelligence AI is one such technology. Slowly but surely, it is gaining popularity, and in the future, there will be numerous AI applications. So, it is the right time for you to start making strategies for implementing AI in your app. And learning about programming languages for AI can be your first step in that direction.

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