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Android or iOS – What Should Be Your Choice When You Have A Limited Budget?

by admin

Android or iOS
08 May

Android and iOS have achieved historical growth in the last decade, and even still working to cover the large space. Mobile applications running on both platforms are generating huge revenue. With millions of people using smartphones for daily activities. And, these smartphones are running on popular operating systems like Android and iOS. Alongside, businesses are increasingly turning to digital platforms to engage their customers and expand their customer base.

Let’s have a look over some real facts about Android and iOS.

Do you know? As per Statista, Android is holding 88 percent of market share from the second quarter of 2018 that is really huge in itself.

The technology giant Apple has occupied a major part of the mobile app market. It has become a popular buzzword around the world as the company every year release something new and amazing for its users. That is why it has become the choice of millions of users. Recently, Apple with more than 2.2 million available apps, has made a great way to reach millions of potential users around the world.

android and ios development trends

Today, businesses, startups or enterprises rely on mobile applications. Entrepreneurs and startups are leveraging the best of mobile technologies and platforms to build feature-rich native mobile applications to address their business’ needs.

Startups, enterprises, or entrepreneurs are building an app on both platforms. But not every company has a budget for it. However, some of them are choosing either an Android or iOS platform for developing the first business app.

When you are limited in budget, there are many important aspects that you need to consider while choosing a mobile app platform. One of the most important aspects worth mentioning here is which platform is best between iOS and Android. The duo iOS and Android have a much larger and diverse user base.

Thus, there may be many reasons for the selection, but here we will discuss a few.

  1. Cost of Deploying Apps Over iOS and Android

Do you know, what the cost mobile app development company pays to host mobile applications on the Apple Store and Google Play Store?

All major mobile app stores have different pricing models for mobile apps hosting.

Registration in Apple’s program is not free and it is available for an individual and company on yearly basis plans. Apple charges high as for iOS app development company, the yearly membership cost is $299, while as an individual or iOS app developer, you have to pay $99 per year.

In Android, you only pay once for a lifetime subscription. Google charges a one time fee of $25 for letting you host android mobile applications on Google play store from every Android app development company.

  1. Development Time And Price

In terms of app development time and price, android can be your preferred choice. Developing android app is very easy and fast. You can also hire Android app developer to accomplish your desired tasks. On the other end, iOS app development makes the development process more time-consuming in comparison with Android. The app development cost in Android is not much higher as you can make apps in Android with simple steps or hire experienced Android app developer at affordable costs. While there is a huge investment in developing an app in the iOS platform. For developing an app in iOS, you should have Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

  1. Market Share

As per the reports of 2018, Google’s Android has a nearly double market share that is huge when compared to the market share of Apple’s iOS, capturing the complete market value. Thus, if you are looking to capture a large market and want to have a large number of app download rates, then we recommend you go to the Android app platform.

  1. Revenue Generation

The most important factor to be focused while choosing a platform for Android app development is Revenue Generation that is very important for every business. All you want mobile app not only to be popular but also be profitable. With the Android platform, you can reach a certain number of users and can make huge revenue.

  1. App Downloads

In 2018, as per the reports, the total number of downloads on Google Play Store and Apple App Store were a total of 28.4 billion. In which, during this period, the downloads of Google Play were over 20 billion.

  1. Cost Per Install

Cost Per Install (CPI), another most important marketing budget factor that specifies the amount of installing the app in devices. The cost per install is equivalent to PPC that allows you to pay only for what you have installed. Thus, no matter how many users view the ads, the payment made only after the installation. And the Cost Per Install (CPI) varies region to region as in the US, the App Store CPI rates are a bit higher than that of Android CPI rates.

  1. Targeted Audience

There are different types of users using a variety of devices. Decide who is your targeted audience? What type of services do you want to provide to your end users? These questions will help you reach to your audience. Both iOS and Android have a strong majority across the world. Android is the best choice for those who are looking for a global audience. Apple’s iOS is best if your audience belongs to Western Europe, North America, and Australia. Because the uses of iPhone in these territories are high.


Apple and iOS have a strong position in the mobile world and the uses of both operating systems vary according to the locations or choice of users. If you are limited in budget, then Android is the best option to improve your app marketing ROI. Android is the best app development platform which will give you a number of benefits without no doubts. The cost of app development is also the reason to go to Android.

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