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6 Incredible Benefits Of Using Salesforce Communities Web Portals

by admin

17 Jan

Salesforce Community Portal is a portal created on a website where employees can communicate with each other. It is a place where people with provided credentials can access Salesforce information. Creation of such portals helps in having insight into the information stored in Salesforce.

Salesforce Community Cloud is a framework that aids organizations in building rapid portals. These portals are branded, and you can customize and optimize them for mobile even. It also includes a community builder. They offer templates for user to design and include third-party and corporate apps and then integrate data in them from any system.

Not only does this web portal make a communication channel between partners, sales and customers. It can also help you to collaborate with agencies, suppliers, vendors, students, alumni, job application and so on through building communities.

Here are the benefits of SalesForce Community web-portals:

1. Increase the speed of community deployment- It will take 30 days or less

salesforce community

Salesforce community cloud can aid you to build a web portal in less than 30 days. Before Salesforce to build portals between companies, programmers were required to learn details about each stakeholder. It needed time so they can develop a correct app using JAVA or .NET or PHP. But the Salesforce community has multi-corporate portal technologies inbuilt which create web-portals quickly.

2. It is affordable and provides good support

The community cloud of Salesforce is a pre-built framework. It offers a great value for custom app development whose maintenance is done using your own internal resources.

When you use custom in-house solutions, it increases the price of integration with CRM, customer support and market automation programs. Thus, using the ongoing support of SaaS-based cloud will help you use less in-house resources. A Salesforce administrator can easily handle all this.

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3. It works on Mobile smoothly

Another benefit of Salesforce community web portals is that they are mobile enabled. It means there is no need of creating a separate mobile component. This saves a lot of time and money.

For mobile optimization, you will need a responsive design. So, keep this in mind when considering branding, user-experience and so on. For this, you can hire a Salesforce consulting partner. They have knowledge and experience in mobile and community cloud deployment which is necessary for the success of your app.

4. It integrates easily with marketing and sales cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud helps integrate web portals with sales and marketing cloud easily. You can use the native integration system for Salesforce or even build a custom API for all other backend services. It will connect data in the disparate system. It will make sure that the right user can access the correct data in real time.

For providing the best service to customers and partners at the right time, you need a performance report in a closed-loop approach. With this, you get that as you have a 360-degree view of customers and partners alike which helps make reports on time.

5. It helps to separate your business, products and services

Salesforce community helps to streamline the processes that are taken by your stakeholders to do business. It aids the business to differentiate their products/services from the competition. You can use this technology to your advantage by creating an amazing experience which will help all parties to succeed.

6. It provides new and easy channel for collaboration and connection

Partner Channel Sales

You can use the Salesforce Community for streamlining channel partner communication and collaborating. It will help all parties involved to get success. It lets you connect directly with resellers, distributors and other partners which in turn, help to increase sales. Moreover, it ensures that partners can find information and experts that they require.  Also, they can get new leads, records that are frequently updated and so on.

Customer Service

You can use Salesforce Community Cloud to make sure that your consumer gets rich experience.  Also, it will make sure that the experience they help them to connect with each other for troubleshooting issues and sharing resources. It will make sure that the service agents concentrate on issues/things that need more attention.


salesforce community

Salesforce community provides a one-stop destination where employees to ask questions, review their schedules, manage expense reports, search knowledge databases and so on.


Salesforce community cloud is a great tool that helps teams, partners, employees, customers and so on to connect with each other. Salesforce communities connect, communicate and share resources with each other. It will ensure better work and user-experience.

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