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How to Create a Social Media App?


A Social Platform, what do we know about the Social Platform? A social platform is a place where the user meets other users and a social family builds up. It not only about building a social family, it’s more than that, but it could also be influencing a lot many
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Top Node.js Development Trends That You Must Follow in 2020

Top Node.js Development Trends That You Must Follow in 2020

If you are a tech lover or coder, then you would be well familiar with the technologies that are trending today. However, it is not enough, various trends in the IT sector are yet to come. Furthermore, every other modern software development company, web and mobile app developer is highly
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PHP vs. Node JS: Which is Better and Why?

PHP vs Node JS Which is Better

Although, both Node JS and PHP are the most popular, powerful and open-source backend programming languages use for web app development. Both the languages fall under the same category but have built around different architectures and have some distinctive features and concepts. Technology every year comes with new updates, due
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Is Firebase the Growth Star For Mobile App Development?

Firebase App Development

What do think, what is Firebase? What can we do with Firebase? Well, firebase is a Backend-as-a-service BaaS that started as a YC11 startup and has grown up into the next-generation app-development platform on Google Cloud Platform. Firebase provides developers the space to focus, craft fantastic user experiences. Well, you
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How Long does it Take to Build a Mobile App

Mobile App Development Company

The topic itself screams about the detail we are going to discuss about in this particular blog. So, what do you understand by Mobile Application Development? Well there is a definition to each and everything you come across the world and applications are one of them which you use each
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How To Migrate Magento 1 To Magento 2? Easy Steps

How To Migrate Magento 1 To Magento 2

Are you having your own online store? If yes, then what platform it is built on? Magento is it? Yes, then you must have given it a thought about migrating from Magento1 to Magento2 which is the latest Magento version running around. Migration is not a daily process and not
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Zend Vs Laravel Comparison Of The Best PHP Frameworks

PHP web development

Many years ago, building a website was money and time consuming, developers had to do a lot of work and write hundreds and thousands of lines of code to build a simple website, modules or functions. And now, in today’s time, it’s easy to develop a website or web applications
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