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PHP vs. Node JS: Which is Better and Why?

PHP vs Node JS Which is Better

Although, both Node JS and PHP are the most popular, powerful and open-source backend programming languages use for web app development. Both the languages fall under the same category but have built around different architectures and have some distinctive features and concepts. Technology every year comes with new updates, due
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Zend Vs Laravel Comparison Of The Best PHP Frameworks

Many years ago, building a website was money and time consuming, developers had to do a lot of work and write hundreds and thousands of lines of code to build a simple website, modules or functions. And now, in today’s time, it’s easy to develop a website or web applications
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14 Web Designer Skills You Must Have in 2019

web design

From selling products to voicing their words through blogs, everyone is launching their websites. But it will only work when it has a fabulous design and great content. No one likes a dull site, which has led to an increase in demand for web designers and developers. Developing and designing
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Java V/S Python: Which One to Choose For Next Web Development?

Java V/S Python

In the concept of web development, a variety of languages are available for the programmers to us,e. In that same case, both the Java and Python are showing some great results of their implementation. Both the mentioned languages are highly reliable, scalable and flexible for the developers. While you are
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