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Is Firebase the Growth Star For Mobile App Development?

by admin

Firebase App Development
14 Sep

What do think, what is Firebase? What can we do with Firebase? Well, firebase is a Backend-as-a-service BaaS that started as a YC11 startup and has grown up into the next-generation app-development platform on Google Cloud Platform.

Firebase provides developers the space to focus, craft fantastic user experiences. Well, you don’t need to manage the servers. In Firebase you don’t need to write the code for API’s.

Firebase is your own server, your API and your database, all of it is written so generically which you can modify it according to your project which suits your needs. Also, according to Google, you will need Google Cloud for your advanced applications. Well, firebase is not everything for everyone who is a developer but Firebase gets pretty close to what they expect.

Firebase For Mobile App Development

So what is a Firebase?

It’s simply a Real-time database, and real-time data is the key to the future and nothing else compares to it.

Many databases you have used or people use requires you to make the HTTP calls to get and sync the data. Most databases give/provides you the data when you call/ask for it. Now when you are connecting your app to Firebase then you are not connecting it through normal HTTP. You are connecting it through a normal Web-Socket. Web-Sockets are much faster than the HTTP. You don’t have to make individual socket calls because one socket is plenty. All of your data is synced automatically through the Single Web-Socket as fast as your client’s network can carry it.

Firebase sends you new data as soon as it is updated on the firebase servers. When your client changes the data and saves it, all connected clients receive the updated data almost instantly.

Any Company which is providing mobile app development services is very well aware of the challenges involved in building apps in terms of time consumption and cost. This is the reason why any new technology that helps to minimize the cost of development time can have a significantly positive impact on the development process.

Firebase, on the other hand, has emerged as one of the reliable technologies for developers which helped to reduce the cost of development. Also, this framework is very well equipped with creative elements that can take away a lot of burden off the shoulders of developers.

Google after adopting the framework has made it even better and introduced a lot of new features. Today for both the Android and iOS mobile app developers, Firebase stands unique among the frameworks, well thanks to its core capabilities of allowing data syncing with real-time database and the plethora of valuable features.

The Key Benefits of Using Firebase

Firebase got a boost with high-end features and value-additions. Well, let’s get on to some key benefits of Firebase that which app developers are aware of.

  • Real-Time Databases

The real-time database is the core strength of the Firebase framework. Firebase allows the user to sync the data of both offline and online sources through NoSQL databases. Apart from providing the user the access to data across both offline and online states if the app helps to collaborate on any information in real-time.

  • Authentication

Firebase comes loaded with every tool and features you may require for state of the art authentication process. The authentication in Firebase is loaded with ready to use UI libraries and SDK’s and backend Services It helps the developers confirming the customers at ease while maintaining the security to the optimum level.

Firebase authentication process supports all regular form of fields related to username, email ID’s and passwords. The developers who have built the applications through the firebase can only have two options/choices. Either they can allow users to sign in to the app through the firebase UI based drop-in form or by using the Firebase authentication SDK which helps in integrating the sign-in form manually with the respective app.

  • Integrated Cloud Messaging

Firebase framework comes with a cloud messaging solution that allows users to send any messages without spending any penny for it. This enables the app to send messages to the users notifying them about any kind of new update or needs.

The integrated cloud services or cloud messaging solution also helps the developers directly connecting users when they need to make users aware of the pending app maintenance or any new updates coming on the application.

  • User Notification

Firebase framework allows the company and the developers to stay in constant communication with the users through an integrated user notification feature. It works as an adaptive platform equipped with all the programming required for a notification console to send the messages to its users. It works as a great adaptable platform which is well equipped with all the programming which is required for a notification console to send messages to users.

These are some of the basic features which can help in the Firebase for Mobile App Development


The Firebase integration in the mobile app development process helps both the android app developers & iOS app developers to integrate to their applications and helps the developers to flexibly check on the data in the real-time bases and makes the authentication process on the application more secure.

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