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7 Must-Have Features In Your Grocery Delivery App

by admin

23 Dec

Different from the need to shop online there are a lot of people who love technology and like to shift to online grocery buying App even when going to a store isn’t a problem for them. This has led to a massive change in the grocery business. Grocery is the daily essentials of a house, for which online delivery will ease a lot of daily running for people. In fact, there are a lot of grocery delivery apps running successfully. Although everything boils down to prompt and minimum delivery time, a user-friendly app is also required. So if you have a grocery shop or a wholesale business, you must think about having a grocery store delivery app. It will help you grow and expand your business where you couldn’t take it without the internet.

Grocery App

But as you know that competition is increasing every day, hence you need to keep your app strictly professional. You must have these certain features in your application to compete for the best in the market. Grocery delivery app must be very meticulous and must keep certain features in mind.

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Features that you must have in your online grocery store:

  1. Shopping list: This feature is one of the most important features to have in your grocery store delivery app. As we all do in our normal daily lives, we make a shopping list before going to a grocery store. You need to give this option in your application too. It is very convenient for the user. You can make this feature more interesting by allowing the complete family to create one list. Family members must be able to add or remove products from their respective phones. This feature will leave the user a very authentic grocery shopping experience.
  2. Quick Search: Quick Search option is a must in any shopping app, especially in grocery delivery service. The user must be able to search a specific product very quickly and navigate to that product easily. The consumer might be looking for a particular brand or a particular product like chocolate, bread or honey. Hence, your Quick Search Box must be able to show the results of these search queries efficiently. In grocery, a customer is mostly looking for a particular product only. A search box may seem small but is of great significance in a grocery store app.
  3. Store customer’s choice: Everybody has his/her own choices and preferences of brands and products. It becomes so much easier if the application can store your earlier preferences and show you products likewise. Your application must be able to store the past choices of the customer. This also helps you in marketing the right product to the right customer.
  4. Offers and rewards: Whether you have an online shopping app or a physical grocery store, people get attracted by offers. In fact, this is why people want to have an app for their business. Office and loyalty reward points are the best way to increase your clientele. This can be most efficiently done in an app.
  5. Notifications: This is one of the best ways to connect with the customer directly. Push notifications are one of the best ways to market your product and gain sales. You must leverage this facility available only in an application.
  6. Delivery time and tracking: Your app must be able to show the exact delivery time and must be able to show tracking details. It is customers right to know the status of his or her online order. If you are serious about your app you must check the delivery time to a minimum along with free delivery. You will need to maintain the quality of delivery, but you need not to keep the free delivery option for very long.
  7. Payment options: It is very important to keep multiple payment options in your app. As this has been noted that people still prefer cash on delivery payment, hence it increases your sales. There are plenty of online payment options too. You never know which payment option is comfortable for a particular customer. This is why you must keep multiple payment options in your grocery store delivery app.


These are a few certain features that will make your grocery delivery service stand out. These services must be available in your app along with your dedicated service.

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