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Tips To Hire A Certified Magento Developer

by admin

Magento web developer
06 Jun

What would you consider when talk comes about building a brick-and-mortar shop? Of course, a renowned and experienced architect and builder planners who could design and build your dream project. And next you know how much money you need to spend on it, so the next step is actually getting that money.

The same for your online store, you need to consider Magento as an architect and certified Magento Developer as a builder planner.


Magento, undoubtedly, is a popular framework for website development over the other frameworks available. In fact, it is the first choice of big eCommerce retailers such as Levis, Pepsi, Macy’s and many others. This platform comes loaded with prolific features such as payment gateway, Geo-location, one-step checkout extension, tons of themes, extensions and many more.

Hire magento web developerMagento is formally known for its scalability, flexibility, development architecture and other features. And, the popularity of this framework has increased the demand of Magento Developers among the enterprises, startups and IT companies. In this landscape, there are already millions of developers available in the market and many others are interested in joining the bandwagon.

According to the report, around 824,399 websites are using Magento technology, in which 225,868 stores are live, and many others are switching to this platform every new day. With such this scenario, many eCommerce development companies and developers around the world have adopted this framework to build and deliver Magento-based projects.

The competition and the challenges in the fast-growing market making journey tough of entrepreneurs. As an online entrepreneur, of course, there is a lot of work to do. Believe me, some right decision could help you to survive in the fast-growing market.

Before starting to create your online store, you simply need to think about the idea and create a proper strategy from finding experienced and certified Magento Developer. The developer that you look for should have all essential required skills and an excellent understanding of eCommerce website development. By doing this, you can build an eCommerce store with full of features.

Know what kind of developer you need

The first thing to consider before you start searching for a developer is what you need exactly. By doing this, you’ll be able to find the right person who will help in your situation.

Here are 7 vital things to know before you hire a Magento developer:

1. Understand Your Requirement First

Before you start looking for Magento developer, you need to do some groundwork first. Make a detailed plan and note down all your requirements or needs for your website.

Ok, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What types of features do you want to add to your website?
  • Do you need a developer to fix the issues like bug or error, performance and more?
  • Do you want to hire developers to build a website from scratch or work on your existing website?
  • Do you need regular support or an urgent basis?
  • Do you want to migrate your existing website in Magento 2 or want to integrate 3 party APIs into your existing website?
  • Do you want to work with a Freelance Developer or a Magento Agency?
  • How long will you expect to have your project done?
  • How large is your budget?

If your requirements are matching the above questions, means your half work is done. For example, if you are facing problem in solving the bug or error, then here you can take the help of a developer and pay for the work that they have done.

2. Find Certified Magento Developers

Hire Magento developer

Finding the right developer is really a difficult task in itself. Based on your requirement, you now can start searching dedicated Magento developer over Google or other search engines and professional networks available.

Remember, Magento offers various types of certification for developers that differ according to the type of expertise. Types of certifications are Magento Solution Specialist, Magento Developer, Magento Front-end Developer, and Magento Developer Plus.

For example, a Magento front-end developer is someone who can effectively develop Magento’s theming components and modify the user interface according to the best practices. If you want to make changes in design or want a new interface, then here you require to hire certified Magento front end developer who can understand business objectives with Magneto functionality.

3. Ask For The Portfolio That They Have Worked For

Obviously, you just can’t depend on the words what your developer says to you.  After going through the resume, skills, and certification, it’s time to have a look for the projects or work that they have done in their tenure. Through this, you will get a clear picture, whether the developer is actually worth for your project or not. In addition, ask everything that you want them to do on your CMS and check their work, whether they can deliver you the same or not.

4. Check Reviews And Rating

It’s pretty good that you are hiring an experienced and certified developer for your work. But for now, it is important to go through the read the reviews or comments that the clients have written for their works.

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5. Ask About Availability & Communication

After having a look at the developer’s works or a portfolio, and reading the reviews, another thing that you need to consider is that availability and communication. You should also know their availability and way of proper communication. This will help you contact them whenever you need them. Ask the best time of availability to discuss the changes in your project.

6. Quality and Cost

The main reason for hiring a certified Magento developer is quality and you can’t compromise with that because you are investing too much time and money on it. Quality is very important for the long term impact of the online business. Moreover, discuss the cost with the developer before starting the project. Developers often have hidden costs that come out during project development. The Magento developer you pick should give you a clear pricing policy in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

7. After Project Completion Support

A developer you hired is not merely for the eCommerce website development, but he/she be able to provide regular after delivering the project successfully. Ask your developer to provide regular support in order to retain your eCommerce website performance.


Magento is one of the best frameworks for building an eCommerce website. And there are various eCommerce development companies and developers available in the market that are promising for providing quality development and services. But finding the right developer or company is really a daunting task. You all have seen what intricacies come in the way in finding a reliable and quality Magento developer.

India, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia are some Asian countries where you can find a certified Magento developer at competitive costs.

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