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How Long does it Take to Build a Mobile App

by admin

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21 Aug

The topic itself screams about the detail we are going to discuss about in this particular blog. So, what do you understand by Mobile Application Development? Well there is a definition to each and everything you come across the world and applications are one of them which you use each and every moment.

Application development is a very vital part in the industry dealing in IT services or particularly in development. Applications are the most vital part of your life too as you use these application every other moment. So these apps play an important role in everyone’s life.

If you don’t know how to build a mobile app and if you have an idea of what application they want then they must find the right individuals for you to build it. And then there begins your mobile app development process which starts off with the mobile app development company you look for to create or develop your application then there are a lot more things about this process many steps involved.

While it varies greatly, the answer to the question mentioned in the topic of the blog could be 5-6 months. Well it does not mean that first version or as the developers say milestones can’t be developed in 4 months it won’t take more than 6 months.

There are many factors which can affect the timeline of app development process.

Let’s check upon some of those factors:

  • An application with v1.0 takes about 3-6 months of development time usually.
  • Application which has many inbuilt features takes more time to make an app than to build than those apps which has low amount of features.
  • Quality is what everyone need and it takes time. Apps can vary they can be developed in either 2-6 months or they can take a year depending upon the complexity of those applications.
  • Budget is one of the important factors which affect the timeline of the application. What budget you carry will directly depend on your application.
  • Reaching out to the individuals with the amount of skills will make the development process faster.

Other factors include the application design type of application you want to get developed what platforms it would be running on.

Beautiful and intuitive design for the better user experience, better interface design, are the watermark of an quality application and quality takes time as we discussed it earlier.

Knowing your technical wants and realities it might help you in the development process.

Well there are many things we discussed in the last paragraph like the Type of application you want it could be a Native Application, Cross platform application , hybrid application or a basic application.

The platform it could run on could be iOS, Android, Windows or any other OS. It all matters upon the budget you carry to build an application. How complex the application is that you have in your mind. The cost of app development is all that matters.

What is the Industry Perspective about the App Timelines?

mobile app development

There numerous applications on the app stores whether its android or iOS that are complex and sometimes are frustrating to use which are created by amateurs, and some are plain and broken application. To be honest these kind of application take weeks or maybe couple of months to be developed.

Then there are these applications, which makes you wow. These are those applications which you use every day or fall in your everyday category. They are the beautiful they are intuitive. They don’t crash and are most of the time bug free. These applications set the definition of a great application.

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The second category applications are likely to have hundreds of thousands of hours invested into them at this stage of existence. Like if you take an example of Facebook, well Facebook have thousands of developers working on their application which get installed on the devices and API’s support them. These kinds of applications take years of time to get where they are today.

The Scope of Application its screen Sizes & Features

The scope of these application consist its features, screen sizes it will be running on or supporting and the platforms the application targets. Once these are identified then it becomes easier to provide the effort level.

The longer the list of features the tougher it will be to develop an application and the more time it will take. Also, it will increase the cost of the application subsequently.


The whole application process starts with the idea of building an application. Mobile Application Development Process depends upon the multiple factors like budget, type of application development, application platform and many more.  Finding the right mobile app development company will help you to build you mobile application in the right amount of time. We at Endive software do so. Contact our app developers now get your application developed.

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