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How To Convert Your iOS App Into An Android App?

by admin

How To Convert Your iOS App Into An Android App_1141599839
12 Dec

It is a known fact that Android and Apple account for 99% of smartphone sales in the market. Both IOS and Android are trying to lead the market, and for this, they need to cover the app industry.

Each platform has its benefits and quality wise apps made for Apple are preferred more for business/brand promotion.

Having an iOS app for your business or brand promotion amongst your customers is a great idea. The reason is that this platform has proved that it is worth investing money in. But you also need to keep in mind the fact that Android shares a huge chunk of the market. Since Android phones are affordable, they have a huge sale. It also implies that Android apps will have a great no of users. So, you can’t just stop with IOS. You can certainly start with it, but after a while, you must convert iOS to Android apps.

There are end no. of reasons to convert iOS apps to Android apps. The major one is that it will help you earn more money. Once the app running on iPhone is a big hit, you would certainly find many users on Android too.

In this blog, we will read about other reasons for iOS to Android app conversion and what is the process for the same.

How To Convert Your iOS App Into An Android App_426875920

What is the need for converting iOS apps to Android apps?

  • It provides an opportunity for businesses to explore the Android market that has an 80% share in the market.
  • Porting to Android apps is a great way to expand the business and reach many more users.
  • Having an Android app is a sure way to make sure that you monetize your mobile apps
  • Most successful applications run on both platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram etc. So, if you want more visibility for your business, you need to be on both the OS.

When you convert to Android, you have the advantage of adding some of the advanced features added by Google. They are certainly great if you want to engage more consumers. The features include:

  1. The Physical Back Button
  2. Android Intents
  3. Widgets and Push Notifications
  4. Android Wear

Before we delve into how to convert IOS apps to Android apps? Let’s learn what advantages both these OS have.

IOS Apps advantages

Android devices are more accessible as they are affordable yet stylish and feature rich.

Still, most business owners go for iOS app development first. The reasons are listed below:

  • Reliable income source– iOS apps are a more reliable source of income for any business. The iPhone users are more likely to spend in-app purchases.
  • Assured quality- App store doesn’t list any application without proper scrutiny. It must pass all standards of the store before it is made public.
  • New language- Swift is the new language for iOS platform, and it has simplified app development. It has aided developers in curbing the errors that they faced with other languages before.
  • Security- iPhone users are assured that no app can hack their privacy. The iOS apps cannot touch user identity without approval. Hence, they are safe from malware, virus and so on.

Other advantages include secure transactions, better user experience, and easy UI and so on.

Android Apps Advantages

Android app development is a tedious task, as Android devices are manufactured by various companies. They also don’t get the OS update periodically as opposed to IOS. It means that the developer has to create different versions of the same app to make it run on different OS version.

Still, there are some features that IOS doesn’t have, and makes converting to Android a good bet.

The above image shows some excellent features that make converting to android apps a good idea. It is a flexible platform that lets the user change interface, fonts and so on.

Also, if some app is dropped from the store, Android users can still use it via an APK, but iPhone users can’t.

An IOS apps are converted to Android?

  • Yes, it is possible to convert iOS apps to Android apps. It is easy and has set guidelines which will help you. Most developers are afraid while doing this because they think Android is fragmented. Well, since Android phones are developed by many companies, fragmentation will be there.
  • But Google has come up with various tools that will aid your Android app development. The tools have made it easy to specify UI layouts for different screens and so on.
  • While converting to Android apps, just make sure that it either runs on KitKat, Lollipop or Marshmallow.

Things to remember when porting apps:

It is easy to convert to iOS to Android apps and vice-versa for increasing the profit earning. But there are some things you need to keep in mind like:

  • The designers need time to adapt to unique UI and UX that is required by both platforms. So, have designers that can understand this so that the design doesn’t suffer.
  • The brand identity of the business has to be maintained. It needs to be uniform in both the platforms.
  • Make sure that the developers are adhering to the guidelines and requirements of both the platform.
  • Both iOS and Android will have the same features for an app. The thing that will make the difference is the user interface. iOS UI is great and easy. So, for retaining Android user, you need its UI to be better or on par with iOS.

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How Can You Convert IOS Apps To Android Apps?

The first thing that you must decide on while converting iOS apps to Android apps is the method. The method of conversion is important. Is ready-made converter or tool available for the same or manual coding is required?

Well, unfortunately, there are no such ready-made tools or converters. There are frameworks and tools that will ease the process, but in the end, you have to do it manually. Follow these steps for the same:

  1. Make a plan – The first thing you need to do is analyze the app that you are planning to convert. Make a note of all the features, design, process, workflows, extensions, scalability and so on. Figure out the problems it has and while converting to Android sort those issues and optimize the app. Create a plan that will help you with this. Find codes, libraries and so on for the UX and UI needed for Android app so that it is up to mark.
  2. Executing the plan – You have analyzed the app and also made note of the changes that need to be done for the Android app. Now, you also have to figure out the technical issues, code, a development team and then you can start the actual process. Also, this is the time to calculate the total money it will cost you.
    Converting a normal app with basic features takes 1-6 months. So, calculate the time and cost involved before starting.
    The price range for converting an app with minimal features is $6000 to $20000.
  3. The final stage- testing and deploying – The next step is to go over the app once again and then test it. Testing the app is crucial to figure out any bugs or issues. Lastly, deploy the app.


Having both iOS apps and Android apps is like having the best of both the worlds. For improving the visibility of your business and to earn more profit, you need Android apps too. Without delaying further contact the best mobile app development company and start the process of iOS to Android apps.

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