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How to Create a Social Media App?

by admin

17 Jan

A Social Platform, what do we know about the Social Platform? A social platform is a place where the user meets other users and a social family builds up. It not only about building a social family, it’s more than that, but it could also be influencing a lot many people out there with your positive views and a lot more can happen. It’s a platform where people learn about new things from other people.

If you see this from a business perspective, social media is one of the niches which promise you very large markets. There are already very large giants who have occupied the social media segment and became the players in the markets.

But if you think to step into the market the technology is creating new opportunities in the market for new ideas to be implemented. To be precise if we talk about the first social media website then it would be Six Degrees; it was created in 1997 and was the first website which provided the feature of uploading profile pictures to its users. It became popular in the year 1999 and became the first popular blogging website in the social media platform.

A small timeline graph of Social Media Development


It all started with PLATO which was said to be the first social media websites back in the 1980’s then the definition of social media changed, then we came to know about the Talkomatic which is the first chat room for the users to chat. Then came the bulletin board system in the late 80’s, around 1990 Internet Relay chat started off which become quite a boom in the industry back in time. Then in the late 90’s, people came up with the idea of MSN, MySpace, & Facebook.  In the era of 20’s the new trend started off with Facebook which was the first social media platform for the users to connect directly, upload their pictures and setting their profile pictures. Facebook opened a new market and provided a new image to the social media platform. Then other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat came into existence for the users to explore with a precise set of features and functions.

The minute you give it a thought to create a Social Media Application and step your leg in the market it’s a success now what you need to be successful is the understanding of Mobile Application development and its processes.

Social Media App Development can take place from Scratch or ground to the application which already has a base created as an add-on to it. Well at Endive Software we work with every option since we are experienced in the mobile app development process life-cycle at any stage of the development.

How to Create a Social Media Application


Connections with Existing Social Media Networks

Well if the user is already connected to one of the existing applications and has provided the details over there while getting on-board to the application then there is no need for you to get that information from the user again; they can simply just log in through the pre-existing applications which the social network design states how to do it.


Self Expressing Opportunities

What do you see when you use any preexisting social media application? Well, how different every profile is right! Every user wants to look different, be creative and much more. This means that your social media apps should have some set of features that can help the user for creating and customizing his profile pictures, nicknames, and background covers or images on his profile.


Social Network

It makes total sense for someone to be on the social media application if their friends are there or there are some interesting people on social media to connect with. This makes it difficult for the developers to build a graph of algorithm which takes care of the user-friend connections which help the user to make a friend on a single click.



Every social media application running on the internet has this feature which is called News-Feed.  Well, you must have seen people checking into the places, updating their statuses, and sharing new pictures every day now that is news-feed for you. The data which gets updating every single second or one can say someone else’s content through which they can share their expressions and their opinion to others. As a social media app development company when we develop a social media app for both the platforms Android and iOS, we make sure that we take this in an account and arrange the News-feed that will be the best fit specifically in a social media app.


Private Messages

We all have been texting through third party application which for the user’s safety is not that good. As developers, we try to take this into an account that the user’s privacy is maintained. While creating a social networking application the application should be having this built-in service that helps the user to have secure private communication. The user will not move onto any third party application and will be spending more time on your social media application.

Having a good understanding of user’s privacy, other social media features, having knowledge of what is essential for the application and what is not is a step-up for you to make your step bigger in the market today. Because it ensures some things like a better UI/UX, a better interface a better built-in quality, a high-performance application for both iOS & Android.

When you are building an application on a very large scale, the developers often offer with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). A minimum viable product is a development technique which offers a new product or website which is developed with sufficient features which are able to satisfy the early app users, in other words, the app lands in the market with these features as a testing purpose to gain some feedback about. The final design is created when only the developer gets the feedback from the initial users of the product.


MVP Development Stages

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is flow-chart-1-700x559.png


Step to create a Social Media Application

There is a process which is followed by the developer when they create an application like this. They have an adopted workflow which they follow while developing the application and it makes total sense from both the technological and business point of view.

  1. Step 1: Creating /Planning a Strategy for your Social Media Application

Creating and planning a strategy for building an application like this is very essential as this not only helps you to make the development process easier but also it aligns the tasks for the developers in a linear way. This is the first phase of the development process and during this phase, the developers deeply study the motive and the idea of the project. They analyze the requirements; they target their audience and establish the indicators which are to be achieved.

  1. Designing the App’s Workflow

The designing process of the application itself involves several steps. Steps like:

  • Wire-Framing
  • Prototyping
  • Sketching
  • Application Skins
  1. Development & QA for both iOS and Android

The development process and Quality Assurance runs simultaneously side by side. The app which is developed is to be checked for any bug in the code and for the functionality. The role of the QA in the social media app development process to make sure that the quality of the application is maintained as promised by the developers. First, the prototyping of the application is done then the back-end for the same is created, and the back-end consists of setting up servers, databases and API’s working perfectly. Delivering the product which meets all the technical requirements, the user guidelines, and platform standards.

  1. Publishing the Application on the respective stores- Android and iOS

Publishing the fully developed application is not easy for everyone but our developers ensure the process of publishing, creating promotional content for the application like its screens, a video guide to using the application, a brief of the application.

  1. Maintenance & Support

When the application is submitted to the android or App store markets, we as developers make sure that our clients get all types of support and maintenance.


Social Media App Features

  • News-Feed
  • Post Creation
  • Notification
  • User Profile creation
  • Chat Messenger
  • Post-Analytics/Profile Analytics
  • Report User
  • User Management
  • Post Liking/Disliking
  • Social Authorization
  • Push Notifications from Apps


Creating a social media application is not an easy task for developers. Believing in good ideas, our expert’s experiences and with the support of our professional teams for Social Media App for Android or Social media App for iOS are enough to develop the application for you. This will be the answer to the question: “How to Create a Social Media App?” There are many social media applications running, for example, Social Media App like Instagram, Social media app like Facebook, and many more everyone wants to be big like these two giants in the social media industry.

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