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Zend Vs Laravel Comparison Of The Best PHP Frameworks

by admin

PHP web development
29 Jul

Many years ago, building a website was money and time consuming, developers had to do a lot of work and write hundreds and thousands of lines of code to build a simple website, modules or functions. And now, in today’s time, it’s easy to develop a website or web applications from scratch, whether it’s a simple website or something more complicated, you need to have latest development tools to get the job done.

In this tech world, various web & mobile app development frameworks or tools available today that the developers use to build interactive and feature-rich websites of all sizes easily. PHP is one of them which is widely used by developers for building web and applications of diverse sizes and complexities. In recent time, PHP is powering more than 20 million web domains.

РНР has many frameworks that carry a variety of functions and ecosystems suitable for zillions of tasks. With them, the developers can develop more sophisticated, safe and user-friendly web applications in little time.

In this article, we will discuss the comparison between two popular frameworks of PHP- Zend vs Laravel. Through this, you can easily choose the best framework for your web application development need.

Laravel and Zend are the best frameworks of PHP that have become popular among developers and businesses. MVC based PHP frameworks have been designed to speed up development and simplify complex coding concerns for web applications development. Although both are used for the same purpose but are different in nature.

Laravel Framework


Laravel, introduced in 2011, is one of the best frameworks of PHP which is used for building high-end and secure web applications. This framework comes with a collection of tools and elegant syntax that makes web app development faster and secure. It makes the development process easier with common tasks such as authentication, routing, caching, and sessions.

Why Use Laravel-

  • Laravel is a powerful framework considered for building a web app with complex backend requirements. Moreover, this framework has various characteristics of technologies like ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails and more.
  • It is best for those who want to build B2B or enterprise-level web applications that further can be customized according to the trends.
  • In this framework, you no need to write hundreds or thousands of codes Laravel web application development. Laravel features a lot of tools and syntax that helps you build and customize complex apps. Developers can easily build web APIs, integrate APIs, migrate data and authenticate architecture.

Zend Framework


Zend is a completely object-oriented framework which is used for developing web applications and services using PHP 5.6+. It helps PHP developers by providing a broad spectrum of language features.
This framework is widely used for building to deliver high-quality and feature-rich applications to enterprise-level clients. Zend is highly customizable and is the best practice of PHP. It is massively adopted by the developers or businesses to add project-specific functionalities.

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Reasons to use Zend

It is considered the best framework for the enterprise-level web application. Large companies and banking & financial organization uses this framework due to its Validation component that they use to validate data coming through forms.
Some of the best and useful features of the Zend framework are MVC components, Validation component, simple cloud API, data encryption, and session management.
This framework comes with good documentation, while a large community helps you to explore new and trending features of it.
Zend is the preferred choice of most of the enterprises as they can customize code in a manner that they like.


Both the frameworks of PHP giving tough competition to each other. You need to closely evaluate each of them in terms of security, flexibility, and functionality. Laravel and Zend framework consider for modern, and feature-rich web and desktop applications. For your work, you can also Hire experienced and certified Zend developers or Laravel developers or can go with a renowned PHP development company.

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